Fmod Studio 2.01.06 Reverb delay settings have no effect

Since updating to 2.01.06 it looks like the reverb effect early & late delay settings have no affect.

Reverting back to 2.00.07 the delay parameters work as expected.

Is this a problem with Studio or the API?


This appears to be a bug, although how this came about is quite confusing as the reverb effect hasn’t been touched in between those versions.

I’ll raise this with our development team and it will be taken care of in a future version of FMOD Studio. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Was this fixed in 2.01.08?

Unfortunately it was not high on the priority list. I will poke our development team to take a look into it and hopefully get fixed in the next release, but it isn’t guaranteed.

Is there a way I can fix this within 2.01.07 or 2.01.08 as a work around? I have some projects that are close to ship.

Unfortunately not, the only methods to fix this are to either migrate to 2.00 or to update to 2.01.09 (once it has released).

Was this fixed in 2.01.09?

Yes, this was fixed in 2.01.09. Please feel free to download and upgrade.