Fmod Studio plugin config in UnrealEngine?

Hey guys, i am a programmer and our project is using FMOD Studio plugin to make sound effects,although i‘ve been through the documents about settings ,i still have some confusions.I think it’s not very clear about some configs.
FMOD Studio Plugin Settings

1.About “Load All Sample Data” ,what is sample data?

2.About “Vol0Virtual” ,i found a post about this option,but i don’t understand what is virtual state mean?

3.About “Real Channel Count” and “Total Channel Count”, if “Real Channel Count” value is 64,is that mean the real channel it allows most is 64 in the same time? what it’s use about “Total Channel Count”? and whether there is a recommended value about these options?

4.About “Lock All Buses”, what is this option mean?what is bus mean?

  1. About “Occlusion Parameter”、“Ambient Volume Parameter” and “Ambient LPFParameter”,the audio engineer makes sound effects in FMOD Studio should expose parameter for these options,what these options do is to change value according surrondings in game,it makes listener feel different surroundings make different sound effects,is that right?


Load All Sample Data controls how much data is being loaded into Ram. If disabled then only the Bank metadata will be loaded in at the start of a scene. Saving memory but meaning that sounds may have a slight delay when played depending on their size. Loading all data will allow for sound to be played more quickly but at the cost of more memory. So it will depend on your situation which works best for you. An explanation of what sample data is can be found under FMOD API | Glossary.

An explanation of this setting can be found in the Core API | Vol0 Virtual. Enabling this option turns on the Virtual voice system.

Recommendations for the value of these options can be found under Core API | Voice Limiting.

This is another memory-saving option. Locking the buses means they all get created and remain alive all the time, but there is a memory and CPU cost associated with that. Again it will depend on your situation whether you enable this or not.

Yes, that is correct.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot!

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