FMOD_Studio_System_Initialize crash because of PlayStation 5 DualSense cable-connected

We have a Unity project, and when we try to launch our game with a connected (by USB cable) PlayStation 5 controller (DualSense), we have an exception in calling internal FMOD_Studio_System_Initialize(). The error text says:
[FMOD] OutputWASAPI::storeDeviceInfo : IAudioClient::GetMixFormat returned 0x80070032.

Because of this, players can’t play our game with cable-connected DualSense.

There are no problems with the Playstation 4 controller. Only with PlayStation 5.

FMOD Studio Unity Integration version: 2.02.04
Unity version: 2021.3.12f1

Just found that it is related to ERR_OUTPUT_INIT on Windows, 2.02.05 - #10 by aguerin
and can be solved by either disabling non-used audio output devices or updating FMOD Studio Unity Integration.