FMOD Suddenly resets Project path

So for quite some time FMOD is behaving weird. After certain amounts of time it just resets the FMOD settings and it then constantly says that fmod studio project path is not set and it also resets that weird debug overlay which irritates me and most of my teammates . What could possibly cause that resetting FMOD project settings issue?

Are you using source control or syncing your project in some manner between multiple people? I haven’t seen this issue before but perhaps if the project is being changed from source control it could behave weirdly. Otherwise when this happens do you get any errors in the editor log?

Can you share the version of FMOD and Unity you are using?

I do get the error that FMOD project couldn’t be found, and that’s the only one I get atm.
Yeah we’re using SVN for VC, but these issues just started to happen recently (probably when we upgraded to 2020). We’re using Unity 2020.1 and FMOD

Could you please ensure that FMODStudioSettings.asset and other such files are not included in your source control? It sounds like the settings file is being shared and when conflicts arise (eg. the path to the project is not exactly the same) it will reset as invalid.

Hey Richard, sorry for answering so late, I finally got some callstack when FMOD resets, hopefully this can be helpful to you guys

Thanks for the callstack. Looking at it, you should be able to see an error in the console log that says [FMOD] Cannot find integration settings, creating default settings.

This will be due to the FMODStudioSettings.asset not being found. Can you ensure this file is included in the source control? All developers should have this file and the settings should be the same for everyone.

Yeah, that file is always there and share amongst the developers.

Hmm, that is concerning. You mentioned that this seems to happen “after certain amounts of time”. Are you able to view the history of the FMODStudioSettings.asset file in your SVN depository and diff against previous revisions when you notice this reset happening?

The thing is that is happening only locally and most of the time we never re-commit that file, everything happens locally

I’ve been looking further into it and cannot understand how this could be happening. Can I suggest installing a program such as FolderChangesView and monitor this specific settings file for if it ever changes? This might lead us to some idea what is happening.