[Bug] Connection / Disconnection of bluetooth earphones hang Unity

The connection of bluetooth earphones whilst playing in the Unity editor (PC) is not showing them up in the device list if I use setCallback and getDriverInfo on all drivers. If I disconnect the earphones, it will hang Unity from within the FMOD update.

Without the setCallback call, FMOD isn’t updating the device automatically however, restarting the Unity project with the earphones connected will work fine.

The earphones which sync up fine in Windows are the Sony WF series. I’m using Unity 2021.3.13f1.

Any help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately I’ve been unable to reproduce your issue; I cannot get Unity to hang on connection/disconnection, and the drivers retrieved with System.getDriverInfo reflect the connected devices.

You’ve said that you can’t get FMOD to update the device automatically without using System.setCallback - FMOD should automatically update devices by default unless you’ve set a callback for FMOD_SYSTEM_CALLBACK_DEVICELISTCHANGED, in which case the default behavior is overridden - is it possible that you’ve set a FMOD_SYSTEM_CALLBACK_DEVICELISTCHANGED callback somewhere else in your project?

That aside, can I please get you to provide your FMOD Unity version, as well the code you’re using in your callback?

Yes apologies - I’m also unable to get it to happen anymore - I even created an isolated Unity project to test with. Will reopen if it happens again with a good repro.

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