Fmod VikingVillage Footstep integration

Hello, after following the old tutorials on youtube about Fmod Integration on the Unity Viking Village. I’ve spent the last day trying to update the script used in the tutorial to the current Unity version.

My problem here is that I cannot find a way to make this work :

	public string m_EventPath;
if(m_EventPath != null)
			FMOD.Studio.EventInstance e = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(m_EventPath);
			SetParameter(e, "Wood", m_Wood);
			SetParameter(e, "Dirt", m_Dirt);
			SetParameter(e, "Sand", m_Sand);
			SetParameter(e, "Water", m_Water);
			e.release();//Release each event instance immediately, there are fire and forget, one-shot instances. 

Everything seems to be working appart from the “[FMODUnity.EventRef]” which is deemed obsolete by Unity, with a message suggering me to “use the EventReference struct instead”. I have been looking around to make that EventReference structure work but to no avail unfortunately.

I also get the same message about [FMODUnity.EventRef] beeing obsolete in the unity inspector where I try to set the EventPath.

We are phasing out the use of EventRef in favour of FMODUnity.EventReference. It currently only throws a warning and the code will still work as expected, but it may be removed in a future update.

In your code it would be public FMODUnity.EventReference m_EventPath;

Thank you for your answer.
This is one of the solutions I tried after looking around a bit on the forums. It however comes with the problem of :
if(m_EventPath != null)

Which is deemed incorect by Unity/C# when using this solution, and which I don’t quite see how to avoid.

Oh, I missed that one, sorry. I believe that should be if(!m_EventPath.IsNull)