FMOD Viking Village tutorial - Footsteps script

Hey guys,

So I am learning FMOD integration with Unity and am working on the Viking Village. I am following this tutorial and I used the script that was mentioned in the description of the video. I created a new script called Footsteps.cs and copy pasted the script. I just changed the Sand to Grass in the entire script and when i built it, i got the following error;

CS0019 Operator ‘==’ cannot be applied to operands of type ‘ParameterInstance’ and ‘<null>’

Here is the line it is referencing to

if (m_EventPath != null)


FMOD.Studio.EventInstance e = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(m_EventPath);


SetParameter(e, "Wood", m_Wood);

SetParameter(e, "Dirt", m_Dirt);

SetParameter(e, "Grass", m_Grass);

SetParameter(e, "Water", m_Water);


e.release();//Release each event instance immediately, there are fire and forget, one-shot instances.



Which version of FMOD and the FMOD - Unity integration package are you using?

In the Footsteps.cs you will need to edit line 204.


    if(parameter == null)