FMODStudioCache.asset Unity warning

After migrating to v2 (FMOD plugin 1.08.00), Unity console generates the following warning message:

-Invalid AssetDatabase path://FMODStudioCache.asset. Use path relative to the project folder.

Everything seems to work fine in-game but still, our console is constantly generating these messages at each editor update.

Any ideas about the reason why this happens? Is there anything we have to setup inside Unity or in FMOD?

Thanks for your help,

Can you please include your Unity version and the full stack trace of where the message is coming from.

Hi Nicholas,
I’m working on Unity 5.3.4f1 and the full message is:

Invalid AssetDatabase path: //FMODStudioCache.asset. Use path relative to the project folder.

Hope that helps.

Try deleting FMODStudioCache.asset. It will automatically be recreated.

I already tried but that didn’t solve the problem.
Some FMOD events “contained” inFMODStudioCache.asset still reference to a relative path that I wrongly committed right after upgrading to integration v2, and it’s not clear to me how to change this path.

Thanks for your help!

The warning has nothing to do with Studio Event paths. If the stack trace you posted earlier is accurate you’ve got an internal Unity issue with the consistency of your asset database. There’s nothing I can do to solve it.