Footstep sound keeps playing after character's stop

Hi Guys! Got this issue recently:
Trying to figure out something out about this.The thing is that footstep sound keeps playing after character’s stop.Actually,the setting of magnitude input value should solve the problem,but it still stays. I did several profiler sessions. I’ve discovered,that number of created instances can be various each time i hit play. Sometimes footsteps can stop if i move one of the audio files on a track. It could seem,that this is the FPS controller issue, but this is a study project for online courses and around of 30 other guys are working with this controller,nobody complained about it. Does anybody have any ideas?

P.S. I discovered,if there’s only one track in footsteps event,it will play without looping after character’s stop. If i add one more(for equip),it begins to cycle footsteps ,even if i’ll mute them.