Gaps at playback ambient sounds in UE4!

Hi everybody! I have some problems and will be glad if you can help.
I created few events for ambient sound (birds, crickets etc.). I added them as a components to static meshes (trees for example). When I hit “Play” I heard permanent gaps in sound. I checked “Load All Sample Data” in FMOD Studio plugin settings and it helped. But when I adding convolution reverb after 3D panner on master section of any event, for example, I hear gaps again.

What are the version you are using for UE4, FMOD Studio and the FMOD UE4 Integration?

Also connecting the Studio Profiler to the game may be able to help pinpoint the cause.

I’m using UE 4.16.3, FMOD Studio 1.09.06 and FMOD UE4 Integration for UE 4.16 Windows. I’ll try to connect Studio Profiler and send the results.

Perhaps problem was in overlocking DSP processor. Profiler has showed load over 90%… I’ve deleted few effects and DSP load was down. Now I don’t hear any gaps. Thanks for advice.