Geometry Occlusion?


I’ve noticed that the low-level api seems to have geometry-based occlusion; from what I can tell, Studio only has this with distance. Is there a way to work with the geometry end of things with Studio events?

In either case, I also have a few questions about how the audio is changed based on distance and geometry. If I have a 3D event playing, does it take the speed of sound into account, or only its attenuation?

My question concerning geometry is a bit difficult to describe so I’ll use an example: Suppose I have a room with an L-shaped hallway attached. If I play a sound from around the bend in the hallway, would it sound like it was coming from the hallway or would I only hear the sound through the wall between the room and the hallway? That is to say, would I need to simulate the propagation of sound myself or would FMOD do this for me provided it has all of the geometry information it needs?