Getting ERR_PLUGIN_MISSING, even though I haven't added any plugins?

Unity version 2020.3
FMOD software version: 2.01.07
Build platform settings: PC, Mac & Linux Standalone & I’m using x86_64 architecture.

This is happening in the editor at runtime,

FMOD has been working fine for months and now I’m randomly getting this error after changing NOTHING, very frustrating.

I don’t have any custom plugins, I’m running FMOD completely vanilla and yet, I’m getting an error that I’m missing a plugin or a plugin failed to load.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Deleting and reintegrating FMOD into my project
  • Looking at the unity editor & FMOD log files for clues
  • Searched all over the internet for hours looking for someone with the same issue, all dead ends
  • Rebuilding my bank, of course

Can I have please get some advice on how to troubleshoot this?

Don’t worry! I’ve managed to fix this by rolling back all changes to FMOD files in the past week in git, thank god for source control.

Still concerning I had no idea what was causing this issue and that it persisted after completely reintegrating FMOD into the project.

Does your project make use of convolution reverb effects? There is a known issue with convolution reverb effects in certain versions of FMOD Studio that can cause this error to appear in Unity - so if that is the cause, we should be able to resolve it.