getVCA() not finding VCAs

Hey guys,
I have identical code with identical VCAs in separate projects. Both use v2.00.11. One works fine and then other says the VCAs do not exist.

Is there a way to list out the VCAs at runtime? I’m not seeing it.

Any other idea why this might be happening? Again, different events and assets but categorized exactly the same.


Have you tried using Bank::getVCAList() ?

That should allows you to enumerate the VCAs and get an idea of what’s missing.

Ha, yeah, it’s been one of those weeks, etc. I would also help if I looked at the correct documentation. Things like this really make me question my sanity.

Thanks, Mathew!

Hey Mathew,
Ok, related to this I’m trying to use the System object to get the VCAs as they should be global. But, as you pointed out, the listing shows that the VCAs are now in a bank and not somehow linked to the global context.

I am looking for a way to make these global so that I can query them after I load all of the banks and I’m not seeing it in the Studio tool. I referred to the docs but didn’t see any mention of where/how VCAs can be considered global.

Let me know what the probably trivial solution is! :slight_smile:


Dangit, this was on the sound designer end, never mind :slight_smile: Thank you for the quick answer!

No worries, the VCAs are indeed global, they are just tied to the bank that loaded them. If you need you can iterate the banks to get all the VCAs.

Yes, this is totally working now. It’s also important for everyone to be on the same page in terms of naming, tying groups in there cough, cough

Thank you!