Merge conflict with github

Im not a programmer by any means but im the sound designer in my school project and everytime I try to merge with main using GitHub, I get 2 conflicted files - usually these Assets\Plugins\FMOD\Cache\Editor\FMODStudioCache.asset and fmod_editor.log
in Unity, i get this error
what can i do to fix it?


If anyone is using a Mac on your team it may cause the pop-up:

Would it be possible to update your .gitignore? Both of these files FMODStudioCache.asset, fmod_editor.log should be ignored:

# Never ignore DLLs in the FMOD subfolder.

# Don't ignore images and gizmos used by FMOD in the Unity Editor.
!/[Aa]ssets/Editor Default Resources/FMOD/*

# Ignore the Cache folder since it is updated locally.

# Ignore bank files in the StreamingAssets folder.

# If the source bank files are kept outside of the StreamingAssets folder then these can be ignored.
# Log files can be ignored.

Let me know if the issue persists!