Global Occlusion Settings

My question in short - does FMOD Studio have any global occlusion settings like Wwise does here?

Long question:
I’m using Fmod Studio with CryEngine 5, which is a combination that doesn’t seem to have much documentation at this point. The only documentation I could find on occlusion with Fmod from Crytek is really brief:

I have the first method working where the occlusion value from CryEngine automatically affects a low pass filter on a sound event, except I can’t find a way to change how this behaves globally (like the graph in Wwise). Currently, having two objects block the sound source sets the cutoff to the minimum, which is not what I’m after.

I understand that CryEngine gives you a way of setting the occlusion value for each individual material, and there is another way of linking the occlusion value of individual sounds to a parameter with automation, but both of these methods sound very time consuming and I was hoping there would be an easier way.



To answer your short question, FMOD Studio does not have a global occlusion setting that gets applied to all events.

To answer your long question(s):

The FMOD Studio integration for CryEngine 5 is developed and maintained by Crytek. You’ll need to contact them if you have any questions relating to their documentation.

Of course, if you just want more documentation about Studio in general, there are lots of resources: the manual, the videos, the api documentation, and of course this Q&A forum. The Studio manual comes with the installer, and can be accessed from Help -> About FMOD Studio -> View User Manual. All the other resources I mentioned are online (and we are working to get the Studio manual online too in the near future).

Regarding the two methods for setting up occlusion described in the CryEngine 5 documentation, the second way (using a parameter and automation) is the most powerful and flexible. But you are right, it is a lot more work. However, Studio’s Bulk Edit feature can help with this.

In one of your events, add a lowpass effect and a parameter called “Occlusion”, then setup an automation curve to control the effect’s properties as desired. You can use Bulk Edit to duplicate this setup to all your other events as follows:

(1) Multi select all the events you want to edit.
(2) Ctrl select the event you wish to copy from, that has the lowpass effect you just setup above.
(3) Right click on the lowpass effect and select “Copy Effect to All”.

You should find the lowpass effect, along with its associated automation curve and parameter, has been copied to all the selected events. If you want to edit the curve later, you can do this with Bulk Edit too.

Another option worth considering is Studio’s scripting feature. You can use scripts to accelerate any kind of repetitive task in Studio. The manual has an introduction to the scripting interface and several example scripts are provided with the installation. Scripting is really cool and extremely powerful, but it does have a big learning curve. If you can achieve what you need with Bulk Edit, I say go with that first.

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Thanks Graeme, I will try this out.