Occlusion implementation

Hi, it looks to of been a while since this was asked so thought I would give it a bump.

It would be great to be able to have multiple events occluded at a more centralized level, rather than having to apply it to each event. Is there a more global application in the works, or already available that I am unaware of?

It would be incredibly useful… Especially when working with larger projects.


I’m actually wondering the same. Also wondering if, in the current workflow, there is an easy way to copy all properties that make up my occlusion to other events. Or maybe even the option to create an Occlusion preset and add it to events optionally.

On the calculation of occlusion value side of things we don’t have anything immediately available but it is on our list for addressing in the new year as part of our integrations.

On the application of occlusion value side of things the current approach would be to create a preset effect (or preset effect chain) tying an occlusion parameter to a series of effect properties. Then apply that preset to all events (and/or setup a default event that uses it). You need to drive the occlusion parameter with your own game code, but the behavior can be fully designed in Studio.