Godot 4 and FMOD integration - Best practice?

Hey Louis!

I would love to see official support for an FMOD integration for Godot. Godot is becoming more and more popular, and an official FMOD integration would make complex audio implementation incredibly more streamlined and possible.

Noted, thanks all for the interest!

Hello here ! Piiertho from utopia-rise team.
Sorry to all users encountering bugs with our integration. Feel free to open or comment issues, or reach us. We just released a new version with a lot of fixes thanks to users reaching us.
Of course there’s troubles we can’t fix due to project not being founded, like macOS complaining about library not being signed, as we don’t have apple developer licence.
@Leah_FMOD feel free to reach if you need informations for potential investigations on official Godot support. We would be glad to help.


I actually come from Unity, FMOD was such a neat system to give the composers some freedom without needing devs at their side all the time.

Official FMOD support (with support to the C# API) would make me want to use FMOD again, in all my current and future projects.

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Please note me as someone who is interested in an official Godot integration! Most of my background is in music and I started programming last year, having an official way to use this tool would be incredible and would help my projects. Thanks!

I actually did use FMOD with Godot for this game jam here Memory Leak by Peter DeVita, ramen_bucket, CPU_Blanc, Patty Pancake, Gonderage, yo252yo, NoeDimitri (We got 6th!) I used alessandrofama’s integration which mostly worked despite some rough edges. I would also be interested in an official integration.

Thanks for the interest all, I’ve noted it internally.

Appreciated - we’ll get in touch if info is needed.

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Just here to add another voice to the “officially interested” crowd.


I’m another person who is interested in FMOD/Godot integration

Noted, thanks.

I’m also interested in FMOD/Godot integration!





Noted all, thanks.

very interested!

Also interested in the development of an official release for Godot.