GVR plugin stopped working

Back with another problem. I got the plugin work just fine, and it has worked for the past two weeks. This morning I start to work on my project and suddenly all the GVR events have stopped working. Nothing is changed in either the FMOD or Unreal project, yesterday evening everything was working. I still get the sound from the non-GVR events, so the problem must be with the plugin. Everything is also working in FMOD, audio plays fine and I can play around with the 3D preview panner. Only thing I can think of that has changed is that there was a Windows update last night, is it far fetched to think that might have something to do with the problem? I don’t know, I’m just lost at the moment and I should finish my project tomorrow so this is kind of urgent.

Any help is once again greatly appreciated, I’m sorry I cannot give more detailed description of what’s happening since I have no idea what could have changed overnight.

Ok, found the answer myself. Somehow Unreal had deleted all the default event data (from the Actor->Sound->Event) for the events using GVR. No idea how that happened, but it’s working again. Leaving this here if anyone else happens to bumb into the same problem!