Help please: different seek speeds for up and down?

Is it possible to have the seek speed slow on the way up, and fast on the way down?

From 0 - 1, I want a slow seek speed
From 1-0, I want it really fast

Yes, this is possible.

To enable different seek speeds for going up and going down, view the parameter in the deck, and click the “Asymmetric” toggle button. This replaces the “Seek Speed” dial with the “Ascending” and “Descending” number boxes.

The “Ascending” number box sets the seek speed when the parameter’s value is on the way up, and the “Descending” number box sets its seek speed when it’s on the way down. Just like with the normal seek speed dial, you can set either of these number boxes to “Instant” to allow the parameter value to change instantaneously.

Thanks so much!! I feel dumb for not figuring this out myself lol. Really appreciate the help.