Help with setDSPBufferSize

Hey, I’ve been trying to lower latency (in unity) with setDSPBufferSize but I can’t figure out how. I’m a beginner at coding so I’ll need direct instructions (insert “code” at “line xxx” in “that” script) (c#).

I know I should call System::setDSPBufferSize before System::init, but that doesn’t tell me much… even after looking at the API documents.

Update: I managed to find a spot in RuntimeManager.cs where I could change the buffersize (see image below). This feels wrong, but seems to be working at least.

I would appreciate any tips on how to get low latency with fmod/unity^^

If you use 2.01.05 or newer, we’ve added DSP buffer size to the FMOD settings inspector so you can change it without writing code. It looks like you might already have that version based on the code snippet.