Help with Unity Programmer Sounds

Good hours!!

I’m developing a game in Unity with programmer’s sounds. I have two audiotables one in the master bank and the other in other bank.

I do check the existence of keys before I play any sound, when I try to check the existence of the keys in the bank which is not the master bank it returns ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND result.

I supposed that the error is trigger due to the second bank isn’t loaded so I tried to load it manually by using ( and by using the Studio Bank Loader Behaviour.

Does anybody encountered this issue? Have I misunderstood something?

Thanks in advantage.


System Data:
Unity 5.6.3
FMOD for Unity 1.10.10

Hi Laura,

It looks like audio tables don’t work if they are in the Master Bank. Could you move that audio table to a new bank and see if you can see the key using that?