How do I reorganize my event hierarchy without breaking my code?

I’m using a bunch of calls like this:

FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot (“event:/Combat/Damage”, transform.position);

in my Unity code.

I prefer calling it through code over having references in my inspector because I find it simpler.

If I want to reorganize my FMOD event hierarchy, how can I do so without breaking my path strings?

In Wwise event string names are unique, there is no need to put in the path, so code won’t break if you reorganize. How can I achieve the same thing in FMOD? If possible


Currently to avoid this you will have to use event Guids rather than paths. As a events guid is assigned once it is created and never changes. The problem with guids is that they aren’t very nice to look at compared to path strings.

There is more information in the Studio docs:

Generally we would recommend making some sort of lookup table that you can use to store and access the guids by an identifier, instead of having to remember which guid is which.