How to automate FMOD parameter in Unity?

I asked this question in a reply to someone else’s thread, but I think it might have been missed, so I’ll try posting it as a new question.

How do I automate a parameter in Unity, either using an Event Emitter component, or Playable Clip component? When I tried to Add Property In the Animation window, the FMOD parameters weren’t available options to select

It’s not currently possible to automate FMOD parameters using Unity timeline, this is something we are hoping to address. To set parameters you can use the StudioParameterTrigger.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. In the meantime, I’ve created a modified FMODEventClip and hardcoded the parameters I want to automate as public variables, which seems to expose them to the animator. It’s a nasty hack but seems to be working for now. It seems like the major Unity limitation is that you can’t animate an array of values.

In another post, richard_simms mentioned:

Currently there isn’t a way to automate parameters on the Unity timeline, however you can use the Unity animation feature to automate them.

I couldn’t figure out how to use the animation feature he mentioned to automate parameters, and I was hoping there was some documentation or that someone else had figured out how. I realize that’s more a Unity question than FMOD.

I believe the reference Richard was talking about was a similar hack using a custom script attached to the animation with hardcoded parameters for automating. We are hoping to put some time aside to revisit timeline automation in the coming months and see if there is a good way to integrate this.

Has there been an update on this?

Yes, support for automating parameters on the Unity timeline was added in 2.01.08

Hello Mathew! Im going all over the manuals, but still cant find inforation about how exactly to do this in unity. Theres a list of 15 slots of parameter automation under the event emmiter on the timeline, but i cant link any of those slots to actual FMOD event parameters… Any help, or link to Unity instructions on this matter? Thanks a lot.

You should be able to read about the basics in our Timeline documentation here. Check out the “Parameter Automations” section of the inspector to associate a slot with a parameter.