Control Event parameters from Timeline

So, the FMOD Track for the Unity Timeline seems to only allow to start events, and to set their parameters to a value. I couldn’t find a way to animate such values (e.g. I want to fade the volume of a certain event through the timeline), am I missing something?

Up. Please :pray:

Currently there isn’t a way to automate parameters on the Unity timeline, however you can use the Unity animation feature to automate them.

How can you automate a parameter with the Unity animation feature?

I can’t figure out how to add a property from the “FMOD Event Playable” clip to an Animation.

I also tried to Animate a Game Object with a “FMOD Studio Event Emitter” and “Studio Parameter Trigger”. I could add the Play() as an Animation Event, but the Parameters weren’t available in the “Add Property” pop-up menu (just the “Trigger Event” property).

Once I figure out how to expose the Parameter Values and create keyframes, how do I automating setting those values in the FMOD Event Instance? Do I need to add a lot of TriggerParameters() Animation Events along my animation timeline to update the parameter values? What if I want it constantly updating as the value changes?

It currently still isn’t possible to control an event’s parameter in the Unity animation timeline, but we are looking at working on it for a future release.