How to change the "microphone" for picking up at attached sound

Hopefully simple question with a simple solution.

I’m working in UE4 with blueprints (because I don’t know any coding) and I have a some sounds attached to a moving component.

The camera is in the air and focused on a single platform where all the action happens. The problem I have is that the microphone picking up the sound is back from the action, and I want it in the center of the platform.

My solution is to manipulate the volume and just fake it, but I hope there is a way to put some sort of invisible object in the middle of the platform and have the sound get picked up by that.

If there is already an answer or tutorial around that I’m not finding, please point me there. Thanks.

FMOD uses the transform from the UE4 Audio Listener, which is with the camera by default.

We have an example of how you can change this in blueprints on our website:

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.