How to choice track input channel in fmod studio as DAW?

How to choice track input channel in fmod studio?
Mixing with fmod is a great experience, but I want to monitor my mic, my win10 sound, or listen to online music with 3D effects via fmod. This requires selecting the input channel!

I know this question has been asked many times, but that was answered for those game developers. I am just a recording studio worker.

I have no programming foundation. I know what an API is, but I have no clue how to use the API.
I would be happy if there are tutorials suitable for no programming foundation.

Please show me a clear way,
Thank you

Fmod official can add the function of selecting input channels for tracks
This will greatly reduce the difficulty for audio workers.

Unfortunately this function is unavailable in the FMOD DAW-like environment. Right now this is one of the the biggest differences between FMOD-Studio and an actual DAW. I have some experience with programming, but not enough to get the record.cpp example to work in unity, I ended up having to use Unity’s native audio for that part while using fmod to trigger the rest. So I agree with that this function would be very usefull, especially in multiplayergames where one could want to spatialize other peoples voices, for instance. From what I understand of what you want to do, in this day and age, FMOD is not your tool.

It’s not possible to use FMOD Studio like a traditional DAW like that. The FMOD Studio application does not support input from microphones nor record nor can it monitor audio from other sources. FMOD Studio is designed to playback samples with real time interaction in-game. It is possible to use game code to create applications that accept microphone input etc. but it isn’t what FMOD Studio was designed for.