How to connect TouchDesigner to FMOD?


I am new to here. Based on a potential project, I would like to ask how to share the signal from TouchDesigner to FMOD? If there are any tutorials I am more than welcome to learn.



Passing in sample data to an FMOD Sound is possible, we have a C# example inside Unity here: Unity Integration | Scripting Examples - Video Playback. If I am misunderstanding the functionality you are looking for could you elaborate?

Thank you, I would like to use a brainwave EGG sensor to generated real-time image in TouchDesigner and sent the data to FMOD to generated sound as well. Sorry I don’t know how to use c# in TouchDesigner, but OSC is simple for us. Do you have any tutorials about the OSC in FMOD?

I found this link but it already 10 years ago, not sure how it works now


Thank you for the explanation and the GitHub link.

Unfortunately, we currently do not support this functionality. We do however have a task to add this, I have added your interest to the task.

If there are updates I will update this thread.

Thank you Conner, I am looking forward to the update!

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