Random Loop Selection Question

Hi guys,

Thanks for reading. I am new to FMod but finding it quite accommodating. Still, I’m trying to figure the best way of randomly introducing a new loop based on a simple value input (parameter).

The parameter side of things is not what I’m struggling over (yet at least). I’m just trying to work out how to randomly fade in a new loop, keeping it looping until a parameter tells it to fade away.

The reason is because I’ve written lots of loops that work together and would like the engine to choose which ones to play. If anyone can help me or point me towards the right tutorial, I’d be massively appreciative.


Never mind!

I worked it out.

I read somewhere about the looping function found in the top right corner of the waveform in the bottom window of the arrange page when you select the multi sound file.

From here, I’ve decided to put only a few loops in each Multi Sound to avoid any loop doubling up.

Should be able to achieve the noises I want from that.

sounds a bit like the car engine example? It jumps between loops based on the rpm parameter, also a load parameter for more variety.

That sounds interesting! I’ll check it out. Thanks man.