How to make all sound events deeper with script in Unity?

When the player’s health is low, I want all the sounds to sound deeper (fade out) as if the player is beginning to black out. I read somewhere that I need to adjust the low pass filter, but I can’t find resources on how to do that with script.

You should implement that effect directly in your fmod project, rather than in a Unity script. A good exemple of what you’re looking for is in the Exemples project installed with FMOD Studio. I’m not in front of my computer to tell exactly where, but from what I remember, it applies a lowpass filter with a snapshot, on all events routed to the SFX bus, and in top of that plays a heartbeat sound.

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Hi thank you for replying.
How would FMOD know when the condition is met so that it implements the effect?
Does it reference the health script for example?

The traditional approach is by using a parameter (say, “health”), updated by Unity, and triggering the effect in FMOD at the right values.
But if you only want to directly trigger the effect in Unity without updating a parameter, then directly trigger a fmod snapshot.

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Okay thank you so much. I’ll give it a try.