How to remove the Fmod package from Unity project

Hey everyone,

I started a unity project with FMOD, and now since I want to use a spatializer that does not support FMOD, I want to properly remove FMOD from the project.

I tried the package manager, but I can’t find it in the projects package list, in order to remove it. I as well tried to delete every file that contained “Fmod” in the name in every subdirectories I could find, but this caused problems in the play mode afterwards. Console says that there are issues with “Framework.Adventure.FMODLogic” witch is, if I search for it, especially mentioned in the Main.Unity Scene-file (If I search for FMOD in the projects directory, I as well find it mentioned in e.g. ProjectSetting.asset)

Can anyone help? Would be so great!

Removing all FMOD components and game objects from your game’s scenes, then exiting Unity and deleting the FMOD Unity integration’s folders from your drive should work.

The FMOD Studio unity integration does no alter any of the Unity project’s files, so you should not experience any errors at that point, unless you are using some other third-party plugin that references FMOD.

Thanks Joseph, it helped.
I found a forgotten FMOD component hidden in a child of child of a child.
Now it works!