How would I build a script for custom footsteps with Fmod?

I know very little about coding which is why I picked up Fmod in the first place. I wanted to get some basic sounds down for an environment, and expand building it as I go.

Changing footstep sounds is easy to wrap my head around, although I do not really grasp the code yet. From what I understand, you need some sort of raycasting system to determine what texture or object your stepping on to tell fmod to switch different sounds.

How to code this- is where I get lost on. There are some roughly made tutorials on scripting this stuff in C# for unity. But I know very little terminology regarding vectors and know even less when it comes to coding for Fmod (different language?) and the resources on it for an absolute beginner seem… limited. The script they used for the viking village tutorial seemed pre-determined to that particular scene.

I was wondering if anyone has made a script which can easily be modified to rename a variable of some sort to correspond to track names/automation. That way, I can easily modify and add more sounds/walking textures as I go.

I am open to any kind of help. I like the idea of using a DAW within a game environment. Thank you!

There is a link to the footstep script used in Viking Village in the fourth video (script).

Just remember there is always more than one “correct” way to go about things, it all comes down to the application you need.

Will that script ever get updated?
It seems like all the tutorials are now broken when it comes to scripting.

If you are looking for the footsteps script for the Viking Village example that works with FMOD 2.0 or later, you can find it here: Multi-surface footsteps audio script for Unity's Viking Village · GitHub

This script is written specifically for VV, of course, and there may be other ways depending on the project.

This is still the same script from 2016/2017

Most of it is the same, except a few changes made in 2019 and on to reflect FMOD 2.0. I just tried it out and it works perfect. You might wish to take a good look at the script for those changes.