Survival Shooter Unity 5 Footsteps

Hi everyone.

I try to follow the tutorial of sykora to integrate FMOD in Survival Shooter, but he is not clear in some parts.

I try to sound the footsteps in the player, but i don’t understant why not work. I did find other person that make the sound with fmod for this demo game, but with the version before, and the game and the script not works in the new version of the Survival Shooter and the integration package.

Someone achive make footsteps sound in this new version?

are there some script generic, that i can save in my pocket, everytime that i want to program the sound for a footstep in a game?


The footstep sounds are actually tied in with the animations of the player and enemies, it calls a function in the PlayerMovement script which then plays the sound.

There isn’t generally a single way to make footsteps, it all depends on the application you need at the time. We are working on providing more examples and projects soon.

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I did find a way to put footsteps for the player in the Survival Shooter. With a tutorial that i found where a good guy explain the way to make keyframes in the animation prefab.

Hi cold You post Thatcher tutorials You mentioned. Thx