Huge wave files fail to open

Hi there,

Im finding that very large wave files are failing to open, with these error messages.

/Users/fmod/jenkins/workspace/Build__1.10__API_Mac/lowlevel_api/src/fmod_systemi_sound.cpp(925) : [LOG] FMOD_RESULT = 13 – Error loading file.
/Users/fmod/jenkins/workspace/Build__1.10__API_Mac/lowlevel_api/src/fmod_system.cpp(932) : [LOG] FMOD_RESULT = 13 – Error loading file.

They are definitely valid files because they play elsewhere.

Any help is appreciated.

Some more information would be appreciated, ie what version of FMOD you are using, the size and format of the file, if you are trying to load it into memory or as a stream, etc.

version 11008. PCM Wave files - 1GB and up. High channel counts, 48K, 24bit. Location sound recording files from professional recorders.

Of course streaming only!
The files load fine using AVFoundation.


Ive rigged a workaround by having my app fallback to AVFoundation streaming if FMOD fails, but I’d like to stay with FMOD of course.

I dont think the size of the file is the issue. FMOD has been tested on this in the past.

I just made a new .wav PCM with the following format

big.wav : WAV len 131,530,697 PCM 32bit floating point, 6ch, freq 96000 : 22m 50s.
The file is 7.2gb.

FMOD immediately opened it and played it with no delay.
If you want you can upload a file to your fmod profile and I can try it .

this is strange indeed. I removed all the guff from the file. Just left the FMT chunk and the data. Still doesnt work.
How do I upload?

Here a audiofile exactly like the failing ones but with zeros only, so its zips to nothing. It also fails.


just as an update it is actually a Mac OS specific issue, looks like the operating system file call is returning a 32bit signed number, on windows it has better accuracy (the platform I first tested on). We’ll have to patch it for the next release.

Great thanks. Does that have an expected date?

We’re about to release a new version at the moment, but this change will have to go into the next one, so this would likely be a month from now. We can always do custom builds for you if it is urgent.

I can survive with my workaround, thanks very much. Love the FMOD API and community support so far. Outstanding.

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