Handling Fmod Unity integration where there are 3rd party plug-ins with embedded SFX

I have just joined a small development team to handle sound and music for a project that is well under way. I am really keen to use Fmod to offer a dynamic soundtrack but some design choices have already been made that would now be difficult to unpick one of which is extensive use of a FPS kit that has stacks of embedded audio. Everything I see says that Unity audio should be comletely disabled when integrating Fmod and the wizard helps identify unity audio sources … but there are so many in use and so much 3rd party scripting that appears to be present that I am not sure this is possible. Is there any guidance of advice on this available anywhere? Do people manage to make Fmod coexist with 3rd party systems that are heavily reliant on Unity Audio?

Disabling Unity Audio is primarily a requirement if you plan on building for consoles. Generally it will coexist safely with Unity’s audio system so as long as you aren’t planning on releasing on Xbox or PS5 it should be fine using both.

Thanks for the info Jeff - that’s very helpful to know. In checking, it seems that the initial target is for desktop but with aspirations for console further down the line. From what I am now understanding, Unity integration will become problematic for us at that point. So, the solutions for this project given a possible move to console could be:

  • rescript the 3rd party FPS system to completely disable Unity Audio
  • abandon the 3rd party FPS system (and rescript any other lesser embedded 3rd party references)
  • abandon Fmod

Just checking that I understand this as it poses a signifcant design decision for us now. Thanks again.

Unfortunately that is the case and there is currently no work around- it will be fine on Desktop but FMOD and the Unity Audio system cannot coexist on any Xbox or Play Station consoles (including latest generations).

Thanks for clarifying Jeff - much appreciated.