Import of 2.02.18 Crashed and bricked Unity 2023.3.10

I just tried updating from 20213 to 20218 and Unity froze during the import process. While restarting Unity, a popup displayed: “Missing default layout”. This popup got stuck in a loop and was impassable, effectively bricking Unity.

Incidentally: I found a post regarding the same problem appearing when importing Wwise.

Is it possible that this problem has something to do with the FMOD unity package?

I had the same “Missing default layout” issue on Unity 2023.3.9f1, the fix is to delete the Library folder with both Unity and Unity Hub closed, then restarting Unity.

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Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue with your specified versions, but as far as I’m aware this is not an issue that would be caused by FMOD specifically.

Typically what you’re observing is caused by an issue with Unity or your specific project’s default layout, so I would recommend giving what @pierre_osg has suggested a try to fix the issue. You can also try going to “AppData\Roaming\Unity\Editor-5.x\Preferences\Layouts\default” on Windows, or “~/Library/Preferences/Unity/Editor-5.x/Layouts/default” on Mac, deleting LastLayout.dwlt, and copying Default.dwlt and replacing CurrentLayout-default.dwlt in your Project’s “Library” folder with it. Failing that, you may have more luck asking about this issue on the Unity forums.

Apologies - there is an similar issue that, while unrelated to updating the plugin specifically, may be what you’re observing. Having the event browser open, closing your Unity project, the modifying your banks and reopening the project can cause Unity to be unable to load the default window layout.

A fix for the issue is currently scheduled for development, but unfortunately I can’t offer a workaround at present besides to resolve the error as I mentioned in my previous reply, and then to not have the event browser open when closing your Unity project.