Ingame Ads Sound Auto Break Problem

When you watch an ad ingame, the sound of the ad is just fine and nothing seems to be wrong. however, when the advertisement ends, minigame of the advertisement starts and the player is directed into App Store through the minigame that they are playing, the sound of the game completely gets muted and player either have to kill the application or put it on pause then reopen it so that they could get the sound back plus nothing seems to be wrong with the ingame sound settings

To recreate your issue I’ll need a little more information, can you please tell me what version of Unity and FMOD you are using, and also confirm that the issue is ocurring on both iOS and Android?

Hi. I have same problem already one year
Unity 2018.4.36
FMOD 2.01.10
IOS - platform with bug
MAX Applovin Mediator - ads mediator
If you will get IronSource ads - sound will broken on old iPhone (iPhone 6s for example)
If you will get Applovin ads - sound will broken on new iPhone (iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max)

I can’t create test project now, but i want that you research this problem
MAX Applovin here

This could be caused by iOS interrupts not being handled correctly by the ad mediator.
A solution could be to manually call


just before your ads play, and then resume operation with


when the ads finish.