Installing different versions on same computer

Never had to deal with this before but…
I am going to be juggling 3 different projects and am needing to keep my original install of fmod Ex (old) and the new Studio. I know in the past you could only install one version of fmod on one machine so I’m looking for a workaround. My PC is running Windows 7.

  1. Project 1 is on fmod 4.40.05. It is shipping soon and needs to remain with that version through shipping and after release for bug fixing etc.
  2. Projects 2 and 3 are starting production and will be using fmod Studio.

Has anyone had to do this? If so, any solutions? I was thinking I could run Virtual Box and create a virtual machine. I’d use this for the old project. Performance could be an issue but it’ll mainly be the odd bug fix and general maintenance.
Then, with my main PC I’d install Studio and use that for my main workflow.
Are fmod Ex and Studio able to run on the same machine?
I’d rather not use a second PC but would if that’s the best solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Adam,

Glad to hear you’re making the switch over to FMOD Studio. There shouldn’t be any issue installing FMOD Studio on the same machine as FMOD Designer.