Integrating hundreds of VO files into FMOD Studio

Major FMOD noob here. For our games, we’ve always relied on a proprietary recording tool for game voice-over (our games have thousands of VO files). Last year we started using FMOD Studio for SFX and music and, this year, we’d like to try to integrate all of our VO recording as well.

Just wondering if there’s an easier way of getting tons of VO files into FMOD, other than creating events for them one at a time. Does that make sense? Anyone have an efficient way of doing this?

Hi crabbydad,

This kind of scenario is exactly what programmer instruments and audio tables are for.

If you create an audio table that points to your folder of VO files and use one event with an asynchronous programmer instrument, you can load any audio table entry by just passing a key to a callback. For more information, please see our documentation:



Thanks, Richard! I’ll check this out!