Integrating with head tracking on android

The latest versions of android (13+) support head tracking. The architecture is described here: 空間音頻和頭部跟踪  |  Android Open Source Project

From the diagrams on that page, it should be as simple as outputting 5.1 / 7.1.4 from the app and making sure that head tracking is enabled (on a compatible device, such as the Google Pixel Buds Pros).

They provide callbacks for checking spatialisation support here: Spatializer  |  Android Developers

and there’s a general description for devs here: Spatial Audio  |  Android media  |  Android Developers

Has anyone tried/succeeded/failed with this? Are there any problems, such as with the output of fmod in the signal chain described above?

I don’t believe that there is anything special needed from FMOD, just the usual spatial audio workflow should be enough as the positioning is all handled on the game engine side.