Is it possible to apply filters and save audio data without playback?

Unity’s AudioMixer and AudioMixerGroups don’t have the function that applying their’s sound effects without playback.

So I need to playback audioSource and implement OnAudioFilterRead function. sadly i have to wait for playback time.

is there any functions applying filters and effects to original sound sources without playback in FMOD?

ex) no implementation in unity, just my desire
audioClip.GetAudioMixerAppliedData(audioMixerGroup, out float modifiedBuffers);
whether exists this Code of FMod Version.

Thanks in advance.


we have a function that might be what you are looking for: FMOD API | Core API Reference. This will allow you to decode data without playing it. How to use the function is explained in FMOD API | Glossary.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reply!

I will try on It.

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