Is there any way to change GUID.ini parameters?

Starting out a bit with FMOD and i have gotten a issue already lol. What do i mean by this? recently i was doing sound mods for Assetto corsa and I’ve done some ok sound mods but there’s a thing that bugs me whenever i want to export a GUID its always the same it always has the same parameters in the guid.ini from what it seems this also causes the AI ingame to copy paste the sounds onto their car for an example my Vector W8 which uses the same GUID parameters as my Diablo GT2 ingame when i paste it as an AI it uses the SFX from my GT2 and in reverse. This never happens with other AI cars since they use different parameters. is there any way that i can change them?

There are a few different ways to change the GUID of an event, but here is the simplest one:

  1. In FMOD Studio, copy and paste the event.
  2. Delete the original event.
  3. Rename the new event to have the same name as the original event.

Because copied events are automatically given new GUIDs, the new version of the event will have a different GUID to the original.
In your case, your events are all in the “lambo_diablo_gt2” folder - so you could simply copy, paste, and rename the folder instead of having to do it to every individual event.

Note that if any event copied and pasted in this way was referenced in another event, the reference will continue to point to the original event instead of the original, so you’ll have to replace it with a reference to the new copy of the event.

I’m curious as to how this issue occurred. How did two sets of events in your project end up with the same GUIDs? It should be impossible to achieve this without using FMOD Studio scripts or manual xml editing.