Isolate Interior / Exterior Sounds


I have a sound set for a helicopter, both interior and external sounds for use in X-Plane.

What I am finding is that the external sounds which in reality are much louder are drowning out the interior sounds.

I would like to know is it possible to completely isolate interior / exterior sounds using FMOD studios built in parameters.

I would prefer to use FMODS parameters as I am trying to develop this for both VR and 2D in X-plane and they use different parameters for internal and external sound events.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

If the game is in 1st person, the Listener is attached to the camera (player), and the player can enter the cockpit of the helicopter, then you can position the helicopter sound in the cockpit, and do the separation of the internal and external sounds by the Distance built-in parameter. This creates a spherical shape that can blend from external to internal by distance as the cockpit is entered.

However if you want to tie the change to having the helicopter door/canopy open and close, you’ll need to use an in-game parameter to control the blend. Or you put those two events into separate mixer groups and use a Snapshot to mix between them.

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Thank you for your help, the distance parameter did the trick and exactly what I needed. I just need to tweak some curves and all is good.

Kind regards