Core Api c# How to create volumetry sound sources?

I have a short question.
Do you have an idea how I could implement a sound source, that is NOT a only a single point in the world of the lisssener? So a Enviroment, where the lissener stands and hear the sound all arround him?
If possible, I would not have seraial systems for each speaker setup of the users.
The second think is, that the lissener should hear the sound outsite the enviroment, as would there a object.
A rifer is the best example, the player walk to the rifer and he hear them, the player turn arround and the sound of the rifer is behave as a normal 3d sound. Now he woks in the rifer, now he hear the rifer as would he realy stands in the rifer. so , all arround.
I hope you anderstand my problem and can give me some tips.
Maybe there is a plugin for that?
Or a easy algorythm? Or a fmod function?

all the best,

If I’m understanding your question correctly, the best way to do this is to automate the “mix” property of the pan override settings in the Spatializer plugin by a Distance parameter.

This way, when the player gets close to the source, the event becomes 2D and plays through each speaker. Once the player moves away it becomes more “point” sourced.