Isometric Event Emitters?


I’m Miguel, and I’m developing a small adventure 2D game in isometric perspective, I have a friend that makes all the audio in FMOD and it’s really used to work with it, so, I’m implementing the audio of the game in Unity with FMOD.

I already have a basic configuration running, the scenes have event emitters, and I can trigger background music that changes accordingly to some in-game parameters, the Studio Listener it’s on the character, so when it moves around you hear what it hears.

The thing that bothers me it’s that the “Studio Event emitters” have a 3D sphere that it’s used to calculate the distance between the emitter an the listener, BUT, my game it’s an isometric perspective, and besides that, it’s 2D!!

So I’d like to know if there’s a way to convert those Studio event emitters into a 2D circumference, and then if I could to transform that 2D circumference into an ellipse, so the sound and the distances will be correctly projected in the game, and the character will hear the sounds more natural in the game (just in case you don’t know, a circle projected in isometric perspective becomes an ellipse.

Also, I’m open to hearing more solutions about how to solve this in a better way, because I’m running out of ideas haha

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Miguel,

There currently isn’t a way to change the shape of event emitters.

If you require the events to play in 2D then you can just remove the spatializers from those events and rebuild the banks.

Otherwise, if you require distance attenuation but not panning, you can add a “Distance” built-in parameter and create your own attenuation curve. The distance parameter takes its values from the literal distance from the listener to the event instance, so I don’t believe this would be an ellipse shape.


Hi Richard!

Thanks for the answer, you just confirm what I saw, I’ll talk with the musician to see what we can do about this, but in the end, we’ll try to fake it with that Distance parameter and other things.