Studio Event Emitter Gizmo in Unity not updating

Hi all,

Having switched on the StudioEventEmitter gizmo in Unity, so that I can see the white sphere (3d sound) representation of the Spatializer in a 3D event…It doesn’t update i.e. when I change the Spatializer distance save and build, the white sphere in Unity doesn’t update/change size.

Any ideas why? and a possible fix?

FMOD 2.02.09 and Unity 2021.3.11



The white sphere only updates using the values in the Emitter Override Attenuation values:

If you would like to use the sphere enable Override Attenuation on the emitter and then you’ll see the sphere update.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the swift response. However, that has not worked…

As you can see from the image, “New Event” has been update to 9.00 - 100m distance, yet after building in FMOD it does not update. It stays as it was before. Previously, (other versions) one would build and the sphere would update. That doesn’t seem to happen at all here. One didn’t need to select Override Attenuation either…it just updated i.e got bigger or smaller based on what was set in FMOD on the Spatializer.

Apologies you are correct. Upon further investigation it should be updating with the values that are used in FMOD Studio after a build. I will suggest this to our development team to look into further. A current workaround is to set the values in FMOD Studio → build, once the banks have refreshed in Unity, enable and disable Override Attenuation on the Unity Emitter. This will redraw the spheres with the values in FMOD Studio.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention

Ah ok thanks. Is there an update coming soon?

In the meantime, do you know if I can roll back to a version where you know it does work? I only ask, as I teach FMOD/Game audio and the concept of seeing the emitter’s spacializer setting uodate/change is quite significant/very helpful to all.


Sorry I can’t provide a timeline on updates.

We have looked into it further and can I check you are using the same version of Studio and the integration? Is the Refresh Banks prompt displaying after you build banks in studio.

I completely understand, the visual representation of the attenuation would be really useful when teaching. Thank you for choosing FMOD!