Reaper Integration render issue

When rendering your Reaper project either through the Studio Reaper Integration or from commandline in Studio, while using one or more particular VST plugins, an error is produced saying that the process crashed.
The Reaper Integration will also unlink any files created from Reaper as the render process failed.

VSTs reported: Kontakt, Kontakt Player, Reaper SWS/S&M Extension, Reaper Kontrol.

Using the command line in Studio will usually render out the files before the crash. If it does not then try again. Command Line builds should also keep any files you have linked.
Otherwise removing the offending plugins will allow the render to work again.

The files unlinking has been fixed in the upcoming 2.02.16 release.
The ‘Process Crashed’ error will still appear but the render and link should all succeed.

We have raised the issue with Cockos

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