Known issues for 2.01.12, 2.02.03 Unreal integration

These issues affect the FMOD Unreal Integration for all versions of Unreal for the initial release of 2.01.12 and 2.02.03.


  • No sound in packaged games.
  • ContentBrowserPrefix error when upgrading from an older FMOD version.
  • Linux libs are missing.
  • Unreal Editor fails to launch on Linux.


  • Re-download the affected packages. All affected packages have been fixed and are available on the download page with a “patch1”, “patch2” or “patch3” designator.
  • If ContentBrowserPrefix errors persist or if Unreal Editor fails on startup, delete the ContentBrowserPrefix line from your DefaultEngine.ini (by using a text editor) and re-enter it using the Unreal Editor.