Lame_enc64.dll crash

Hi, getting a crash using the lame_enc64.dll when calling beEncodeChunk. The issue does not happen with the 32bit version of the dll.

Looking at the header (BladeMP3EncDLL.h), I suspect that the issue is:

typedef		unsigned long			HBE_STREAM;

If the HBE_STREAM is meant to be of pointer size - it should be size_t or uintptr_t.


Actually looks like it was fixed here:

Hey Tristan,

Is this for the Windows MP3 export output plugin?
If so, it sounds like we might need to rebuild the encoder from latest with fixes.

Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, rebuild from latest with fixes should do the trick.

That indeed worked, new libs and the header change are scheduled for the next release.

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