Limiting what the Profiler captures

Hi all,

I notice when hitting record on the Profiler and booting my game, the Profiler automatically starts adding tracks for every event which fires. Is there anyway of specifically telling the Profiler to only capture data for certain events?


Yes and no. The Profiler always captures data for every event and bus in your project, but you can stop the profiler window from automatically displaying a track for every event which plays and can customize which event tracks are displayed manually.

To stop the profiler from automatically adding a track for every event which plays, open the “Preferences” window and navigate to the “Interface” tab. Under “Automatically add event tracks to profiler sessions”, select “Never”. This causes Studio to no longer add tracks for events that play during a session.

To manually add tracks to a profiler session, simply drag the events or buses you want from a browser (such as the events browser or routing browser) onto the profiler window’s editor pane. To remove tracks, right-click on the head o the track you want to remove and select “Remove Track” from the context menu.

By combining these methods, you can customize a profiler session to display whichever events you like.

As I mentioned earlier, no matter which tracks are displayed in the profiler window, FMOD Studio always records data for every event and bus in your project. This means that even if a track wasn’t displayed in the profiler when you were recording a session, you can add it later, and all the recorded data will be there.

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