Live Update Connectivity - FMOD w/ Steam Game Suddenly Not Working

I’ve been using the Live update function to connect with a steam game client for quite some time. As of today, I am having connectivity issues. The error I get is:

“Studio was unable to connect to ‘local host’ as a connection error occurred: Socket Error”

I’ve done some research and came to the conclusion that I may have issues with my 9624 port. I’ve tried to CMD prompt search to see if it is being occupied by a client, but every time I try searching, I never get any information on that specific port! Like it doesn’t exist.

Thank you to whomever tries to help! I’ll share all the information I can.

I have the same issue Unity 2022.2.13f I’m using fmod studio 2.01.11 and fmod plugin 2.01.11

Can I get you to confirm that your steam game is built with live update enabled, and that the port used on the FMOD engine/integration side is as expected? Could I also get your FMOD Studio and integration/engine version numbers? Additionally, have you recently updated FMOD?

You may have checked already using this method, but can I get you and @doudar41 to confirm that no other processes appear to be using the port when you run netstat -ano in command prompt?

I’m not sure what address I should use

Take a look maybe I can’t see

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Thanks for providing those drive links - they did contain sensitive information, however, so I’ve edited your reply to remove them.

That said, the netstat -ano output says that you only have one process using the port (PID 10080). I’m unsure if this is FMOD Studio + Unity, or another program, but I would recommend running the command again while Unity and FMOD Studio are running and connected, and doing the following:

  1. Check for any processes using, and (aka localhost:9264)
  2. Note the PIDs of those processes
  3. Open Task Manager → Details, or use the command tasklist, and check which processes match the PIDs to see if there’s any other running processes that are using the ports

If that doesn’t shed any light on the issue, you can adjust the Live Update Port to a different port (e.g. 9265) in Unity, and set FMOD Studio to connect to that port (e.g. localhost:9265).

Hey Louis,

Thank you for your help!

Can I get you to confirm that your steam game is built with live update enabled,

This one I can confirm. Another person on the project (using the same FMOD file with shared audio via Github) isn’t having issues with connectivity and mine had been working with no issues for months.

and that the port used on the FMOD engine/integration side is as expected

I’m not sure how to verify this for you. Should the CMD attachments suffice?

Could I also get your FMOD Studio and integration/engine version numbers?

FMOD Studio version is 2.02.07. I’m not using FMOD engine and haven’t needed to use it for a large duration of the project. I’m checking in to see if anything has changed and not been told to me but we have been working without the need of FMOD engine from the beginning.

have you recently updated FMOD?

No but there is usually a call made to the team when FMOD needs to be updated so that it happens simultaneously. This call was made a month or two ago but nothing recently.

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Thanks for providing your CMD output - I’ve removed the link from your reply as it contains potentially sensitive info, but as far as I can see the default port that FMOD Studio uses isn’t being used (9264).
I recommend double checking what port the built version of the project is using - if it’s not 9264, you’ll want to change your FMOD Studio Live Update address to use that port i.e. if you’re using localhost and port 7777, set the address to localhost:7777.

Since the CMD output was inconclusive, please take a look at the advice I replied with a little earlier in the thread and see whether that helps you to narrow it down:

Hey Louis,

Thanks again! Quick question:

  1. How do I identify which port the game is using? Can this be found in the original game editor or is there a way to find it via a file’s exe?

Sorry for giving you trouble with my post and thank you for editing it for me. I’ll try your recommendation today’s evening.

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You should be able to find it in the FMOD settings in the original game editor, if you’re using the Unity or Unreal integrations. In Unity, you can find it in your target platform’s Live Update Port setting in FMOD → Edit Settings → Platform Specific. In Unreal, you can find it in Edit → Project Settings → Plugins → FMOD Studio → Advanced → Live Update Port.

Hey Louis,

Just got an update from my team. Someone deselected our live update function. It was quickly resolved. Thank you for your help!

I checked PIDs. It still doesn’t work.
But I checked my fmod project with an empty Unity project and it works, so it’s something is going on on our side(. Possibly because we are making multiplayer.
When fmod connects to Unity, netstat shows local address of unity connected to “foreign address” of fmod PID . In case of our project I get multiply lines like this
but local address(port) of Unity is deferent
This happens while using default settings. In a same time Unity listen to 9264 port
Changing addresses and port in FMOD had no results(

Besides your multiplayer networking solution occupying the port, there could be a couple other causes:

  • Are you making calls into FMODUnity.RuntimeManager from editor only code, or creating your own FMOD Studio system and not releasing it? Both of these actions will create a new Studio system that doesn’t get destroyed, causing it to hog the Live Update port.
  • Are you using FMOD functionality with Unity timelines? There were some issues related to timelines on older versions of FMOD for Unity that would essentially do the same thing as above point, i.e. calling into FMODUnity.RuntimeManager from editor only code.

I guess I need to wait and talk to our programmers about issue after they finish thier part of our prerelease project, because now it’s a litle bit a mess, this can be anything. but thank you, I’m trying to find the issue and your advise appreciated.

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